Consulenza informatica


The selection of IT services is a large part of the activities performed by Soft Service. The offer is adequated to modern technologies,and is also formulated to meet the actual demands and needs of the market.

Software Saas

Software Saas

SaaS is a software delivery method that provides a service subscription to use the system for the implementation of corporate strategies with proven benefits to companies both in terms of efficiency and operating and maintenance costs.



Soft Service is active in the field of eLearning since its inception, with a dedicated working group that deals with the analysis, development, implementation and management of distance learning systems, together with the associated production activities of educational content, agree with most known standards and disseminated.


Soft Service Informatica is a true professional partnership, which spirit is fully shared by a cohesive group of professionals. Our fundamental values:


In the imagination of different customers the consultant is a little pragmatic figure and alien to the life of the company, unable to understand the capabilities and potential of management. In the past this has brought forth several ironic jokes about our profession. To be a professional means mainly:

  • to respect and to value the professionalism of individual managers with whom we work, having the ability to understand the contexts and constraints in which they operate;
  • to be able to take a position, clearly and independently, on the issues that we deal;
  • to make sure that the value provided to our customers is always higher than the fees we require for our performance.


The Soft Service Informatica partners are entrepreneurs who share a risk and opportunity system. The model predicts that, in addition to consulting, the Soft Service Informatica partnership may decide to invest time and financial resources in business ventures. This opportunity allows you :

  • to reduce the concentration of business risk on business consulting;
  • to keep alive the attitude and the entrepreneurial spirit of the people;
  • to predict the areas in which even the junior personnel can practice on concrete and operational grounds.


We believe the figure of a consultant who is above all, a mature and balanced person, who has chosen a company that does not promise big gains right away, but wants to create pleasant working conditions and also in fulfilling the personal spaces.