Consulenza informatica


The selection of IT services is a large part of the activities performed by Soft Service. The offer is adequated to modern technologies,and is also formulated to meet the actual demands and needs of the market.

Software Saas

Software Saas

SaaS is a software delivery method that provides a service subscription to use the system for the implementation of corporate strategies with proven benefits to companies both in terms of efficiency and operating and maintenance costs.



Soft Service is active in the field of eLearning since its inception, with a dedicated working group that deals with the analysis, development, implementation and management of distance learning systems, together with the associated production activities of educational content, agree with most known standards and disseminated.

Soft Service Informatica

We are a young independent Italian company, based in Castellana Grotte, with an established presence in the market. We develop into your business our expertise in advanced forms of Business Consulting. We are a service company with a strong, broad and diversified experience. We are specialized in various forms of consulting, market research and we offer solutions for marketing and advertising.


Our "mission":

  • to offer professional advice according to the individual needs of the customer;
  • to identify sustainable and profitable growth for costs ;
  • to ensure quality of interventions and concrete results;
  • to determine the shortest response times and respect them (with the collaboration of the Customer);
  • to stay ahead.

• to relationship with the client

We see the relationship with our customers as a continuous mutual selection. In concrete terms, What unites us to our Customers?

  • The common passion for the work
  • Discovering new opportunities together.
  • The research, means of knowing the past, understanding the present and programing the future.
  • Projects "with measures", to achieve common goals, for the “compatible growth”
  • The ability and desire to innovate, to treat new ground, never take anything for granted.